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Get Involved


Make a Donation

Make a difference by helping individuals or group of people (women or GirlChild) by donating to support them. Your support can help us continue to be there for these girls and women. Giving a donation can help us to reach more children transform their lives for the better.

As well as paying school fees and other essentials, such as uniforms, books, and sanitary protection, your gift helps beyond the classroom, supporting young graduates with the training and resources they need to become economically independent leaders in their communities.

Volunteer Your Time

As a nonprofit organization we are always in need of enthusiastic volunteers who can contribute their time and skills to our programs and serve the community at large.

 Some of the reasons why  one may love to give us a a shoulder to lean on in respect to volunteering, has to do with the benefits we have designed to help our volunteers even as they stretch forth their hands to assist humanity.

As a volunteer with Amewudah GirlChild Educational Funds Inc (AGEFI), your contribution of time and skills helps the GirlChild, find a new hope for their future. Most of them will look forward to meeting you as our volunteer, hearing your advice and more essentially, learning and tapping into your knowledge base.

As a volunteer with AGEFI, you become a role model for many female individuals and communities with women, or that GirlChild who often lack opportunities and resources.


Partner with Us

You can support our education programmes by providing educational materials, scholarship packages, to support girls from primary school through secondary school, college, vocational and technical trainings and other Humanitarian gestures meant to ensure the removal of barriers to girl child education.

By joining forces, we can meet the challenges and changing demands of our work and bring change into the lives of these girls and young women.

Passionate appeal of women in Agriculture