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About Us

A nation or a group of people with a common interest, cannot make headway in all facets of life, without the existence of quality education for all, irrespective of gender differences.

Education is a powerful tool required to ensure change, improve the health and general living conditions of inhabitants, as a fuel for social stability which  also helps in ensuring long term economic growth.


Research by the world Bank group goes to prove that, on a regular, girls face hindrances to education in most African countries, with West Africa not an exception. Cultural norms, poverty, poor infrastructure, violence, fragility and thus low self esteem can be attributed to this cause.


In light of this, Amewudah GirlChild Educational Funds Inc (AGEFI), a humanitarian Nonprofit organization with a sole interest in girl child education, was formed in  New Jersey in the month of January, 2020. AGEFI has a passion to rewrite the course of history, by holding the hands of the females found in most West African countries, who happens to be affected by the aforementioned barriers to education.

Research goes to prove that, girls are the first to be failed by the system, girls drop out of school due to many issues in most African households, with girls being faced with the perils of early marriage, early pregnancy and abuse leading to a waste in potential resulting to a toll and a burden on their general livelihood and well-being.


In West Africa, it is estimated that 28.9 million girls of primary and lower secondary school age, are out of school.

Some of these developments led to the birth of AGEFI; we believe when you educate and give the prerequisite training and input to the GirlChild, 'everything changes'.


We believe education should be treated as 'a universal right' with a strong backing of our legal practitioners.

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